Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Figurine and Knickknack Collections 
From Customers of All Vintage Knick Knack

Hello Friends ~

Today, I'm continuing my series on "Customer Collections" with a very nice woman from the Lone Star State of Texas. M. has a great little collection of cats. I'm proud to say M. found several of her porcelain kitties in my shop. I'm thrilled they're now on display in her home! 

I'm sure we can all empathize with M. because she says she needs to find more room for her growing collection. "My Secretary desks' shelf is getting full; and the basket next to it is also full of Beswick kitties. I will have to find another secret place to put new ones in." I know what that's like. I have china closets full of little keepsakes!

For those of us who collect figurines, isn't it wonderful to think about the history behind each piece as we acquire it? Where it's from, where it was made, and how it was displayed. These are all questions that run through my mind when I find a special piece to add to my collection. M. is no exception. She says, "I arrange them and imagine the stories that they would tell." Below is an adorable Made in Japan kitty that M. found in my shop. It has beautiful grey tinting and fabulous facial features. M. has this frisky little feline sitting underneath a jade lemon tree.

In the photo below, M. shows us a larger view of her beautiful collection of cats.

Many thanks to M. from the Lone Star State for sharing her lovely collection with us! And, I also thank M. for being a valued customer of

If you would like to share your collection, please send photos to and we'll also share the joy of collecting with the world!

Until next time, friends ~
Dust Collector

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