Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Figurines & Customer Submissions

Hello My Friends ~

I've been having so much fun collecting Made in Occupied Japan and Made in Japan figurines! Here are a couple of my favorites, so far....

Aren't these little elephants adorable? They're salt and pepper shakers. They still have the original corks and the red and gold "Made in Japan" stickers on their bottoms.

I'm going to estimate these are from the 1950s. And, as I like to say, they are in 'China-Closet-Kept-Condition."

Here's an oldie, but a goodie! Take a look at the little kitten peeking over the edge of the boot. She's looking for the little mouse who's tucked into the side of the boot. What a wonderfully whimsical piece! This is a very old figurine, most likely from the 1920s or 1930s. It's stamped "Japan" on the bottom.

How about this snappy little zebra? I love the hand painting on her. And the coloring is lovely. She's also an old piece and well-made. The crazing of the glaze adds to her personality. It's almost as if she's playfully flirting with those gorgeous blue eyes. Pink ears and a pert little pink snout, along with her proud little stripes and black hooves, round out this beauty.

I'd like to thank my customers who've sent in photos of their collections. If you've purchased figurines from my shop,, I'd love to see them in your collection! Please send photos to (spammers will be reported) and I'll feature your photos here on my blog.  Don't worry, I'll only use your first name and state :)

I'm in the process of planning future blog posts and there are some exciting and fun (and instructional) updates heading your way! I'll be featuring photos from my customers' collections, showing you how to touch up your treasures that may have some paint loss by using paint and markers, and we'll take a look at some "naughty" knick knacks that are sure to bring a smile.

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Until next time my friends, happy collecting!
Dust Collector