Friday, March 1, 2013

Customer Figurine & Knick Knack Collections

Hello Friends ~

As promised, here's the first in a series of posts about all of the fun and joy that collecting knick knacks and figurines can create in our lives!

Last week, I asked my customers from to send in photos of figurines that they found in my shop and that they now have on display in their homes. Like the photo to the left, sent in from C. in Florida.

What a work of art this masterpiece is! Talk about a unique and creative way to display knick knacks and figurines! Instead of displaying them on shelves and in shadowboxes, C. took all of her pieces and grouped them together to form a whimsical wonderland on the frame of a large mirror. I just can't get over how creative this is! Not only are there figurines from my shop included in this artful creation, C. has also included knick knacks that are near and dear to her heart.

"I used broken pieces, special pieces that belonged to my grandmother, and pieces that I bought from you," says C.

Let's take a closer look at all the beautiful pieces that C. attached to her mirror frame. There are plates, a Dutch boy and girl in Flow Blue and a little windmill. There's also a tea cup, and can you find the tiny kitten?

I'm absolutely thrilled that pieces from my shop are included in something so beautiful and something that will last for generations to come.

"Recognize the center top piece?" C. says, "I bought it from you and it MADE my mirror."

Here's a closer look at the bottom right corner of C.'s mirror.  Can you spot the little Made in Japan high heeled shoe? And, look at those two adorable puppies!

When I last chatted with C., via email, she said she was busy completing tasks associated with her full time job. It was the weekend, and C. was dutifully working on her own time.

"(I'm) trying to take care of my work so that I can spend the rest of the weekend "makin' stuff," C. said.

Well, I think C. should have a business on the side makin' these mirrors for the public!

Many thanks C., for submitting your photo and CONGRATULATIONS on a creative creation that's sure to inspire many.

Keep those photos coming, so we can share the joy of collecting with everyone! You can send your collections to

Until next time, friends, happy collecting!
Dust Collector

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