Monday, October 8, 2012

Brand New Blog About Vintage Knick Knacks & Figurines

Hello Friends  ~ 

If you love vintage knick knacks and figurines, as I do, then follow me on a journey that will take us around the world. We'll explore how the adorable pixies were made in Japan back in the 1950s.

We'll also take a look at German knick knacks. We'll see how all those hand formed, delicate flower petals were made in England and we'll see dozens of figurines from other countries. 

How are knick knacks made? Glad you asked! We'll be taking a look at just that and we'll talk about the different types of materials that were used in vintage knick knacks, including bisque and porcelain. 

We're going to have fun on this blog, so fasten your seat belts and hang on for the wild ride ahead! 

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Until next time, friends...
Dust Collector 

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